Earlier this week — just in time for the hallowed Sisters Rodeo weekend — a towering new symbol for our fair city rode into town.
He’s known as “The Wild Stallion,” and he’s the creation of renowned local artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Located in the center of town across the street from Lorenzo Fine Art, Ghiglieri’s gallery on Highway 20 (aka Cascade Avenue), the Stallion is one of the first images that visitors encounter now as they travel through Sisters from the south.

Talk About Memorable First Impressions…
A spectacular 13-foot-plus bronze specimen of equine wonder, the Stallion has literally been stopping traffic for the past few days — and traffic is sizable this weekend, what with both the rodeo and the Sisters Art in the Park event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.
One reason the new sculpture has been attracting so much attention is his fierce presence. Rearing high with his neck tucked, his muscles taut, his front legs in mid-strike and his impressive mane and tail flowing, he’s impossible to miss. His powerhouse stance commands respect. In short, he does the town proud.
Ghiglieri donated the masterpiece to the city of Sisters, and has been recognized by the State as part of our Sesquicentennial celebration. And that’s definitely worth a little celebrating. Indeed, the town owes Ghiglieri a big debt of gratitude; the Stallion is an exceptional symbol that even one-time visitors will remember long after they’ve left Central Oregon.
Wild Stallion: A Memorable New Symbol for Sisters, OregonAdding to the drama this week has been the presence of another Ghiglieri creation, which is parked on a flatbed in front of the gallery just a stone’s throw from the Stallion: a larger-than-life-size bronze sculpture of two bull elk clashing.
This is the closest that most folks will ever get to a pair of warring elk, and what an image it is! (See photo, above.) That dramatic frozen moment when the duo is caught in mid-dance is breathtaking, the sort that garners instinctive double-takes from virtually every passer-by.
All in all, a great addition to Sisters!
Wild Stallion: A Memorable New Symbol for Sisters, Oregon
Wild Stallion: A Memorable New Symbol for Sisters, Oregon
Wild Stallion: A Memorable New Symbol for Sisters, Oregon

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