According to a recent article, Bend is among the country’s Top 10 Mountain Bike Towns. The article, which was written for, gained wide traction after being reprinted on As the article points out,  mountain biking has come a loBend Named Among Top 10 Mountain Biking Townsng way since its debut as a fringe sport in the ’70s, evolving into an athletic outlet embraced by communities everywhere.
The folks at Active Times consider both Bend and Asheville, N.C., as “classic stand-bys” on the list (which is to say that any self-respecting mountain biker is already aware of the area’s outstanding network of trails and scenic settings). Other top biking locales that made the list are Grand Junction, Colo.; East Burke, Vt.; Park City, Utah; Harrison, VA.; Santa Fe, N.M.; Louisville, Ky.; Tucson, Az.; and Marquette, Mich.