About Tumalo

Tumalo Oregon Technically, Tumalo doesn’t even exist (it’s a small, unincorporated community of several hundred people located about 10 miles northwest of Bend). Most residents  live on acreage outside Tumalo proper, which features one main street that intersects with Highway 20).

Tumalo Community Church -- Tumalo, OregonThere’s a lot to love about Tumalo (that’s Tuhm-uh-low). Those unfamiliar with the area might assume there’s little here beyond the small, quaint downtown, located just off Highway 20. But for many years, Tumalo has been the ultimate Central Oregon destination for those who value the land.

Because much of the region is zoned Exclusive Farm Use, most parcels are 20 acres or more, which makes Tumalo an undeniably rural setting, despite the fact that it’s five minutes from Bend. Here, you’ll find a mix of longtime farmers and ranchers, combined with horse owners and other folks who enjoy a more rural environment and those who simply appreciate the breathtakingly scenic setting.

Many Tumalo residents have strong ties to the area, having lived — and farmed or ranched — here for decades or longer. Most are horse owners; many recent transplants are drawn here because of its easy access to some excellent horse trails. Tumalo, Oregon Real Estate Market Report for October 2012Even those who aren’t equestrians appreciate its proximity to the Cascades — you’ll find some of the most incredible mountain views in the region in western Tumalo (the area is divided by Highway 20).