Simple Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb AppealWith the spring real estate  season upon us,  it’s time to get serious about home-selling in Central Oregon.  Below are some easy ways to make  sure that  you’re making  a memorable first impression if your home is on the market (courtesy of the May issue of  Ladies Home Journal).
1. Clean the windows.
Cost: $10 for a window squeegee at
2. Put up a new over-door light fixture.
Cost: $100 to $500 at
3. Replace doorbell and house numbers.
Cost about $10 per digit and bell.
4. Get a new mailbox.
Cost: $13 to $150 at
5. Prune overgrown shrubs.
Cost: $40 for bypass loppers at
6. Plant evergreen shrubs for privacy and to block eyesore views.
Cost: around $25 to $75 per plant, depending on size.
7. Plant colorful annual flowers.
Cost: around $1 per plant at the home center.
8. Fertilize for a thick green lawn.
Cost: Under $100 for the fertilizer and a wheeled spreader.
9. Edge the lawn.
Cost: $20 to $25 for a manual lawn edger.