These days, lots of folks have decided to hunker down in their current home rather than try to sell it in an effort to move into a larger house. For them, adding on to an existing home makes a lot of sense.
A recent Inman News article offers some tips worth considering before beginning a home addition. In “7 Rules for Home Additions,”  author Paul Bianchina (who has also been a contractor for more than 30 years) offers seven rules to remember when modifying your current floor plan.
None is more important than the first rule: “Know why you’re adding on” (and, no, it isn’t enough to simply say, “I need more room”).
Rules two through six address everything from the overall look of your newly remodeled home (i.e., a good addition won’t look like an addition) as well as the overall design to the placement of your addition (hint: building a bathroom that can only be accessed through your kitchen may not be a good idea; neither is swallowing up your entire lot).
The final tip — “Understand the Legalities” — can also prove invaluable, especially if you ignore it.